How To Make Yourself Puke Easely In Necessory Condition


As we know Self puking is not an easy task but it becomes a necessity in some specific circumstances. If you want to know how to make yourself puke then this is the best place where you will find your answers.

In the case of food poising or indigestion, doctors advise for puking. However, you should never force yourself for puke before consulting with a doctor.

Self puking is the last option that is advised by the doctor in case of an emergency. There is some situation only when you should force yourself for puking like when you have taken too much alcohol,  any poisonous substance or contaminated food.

Earlier ipecac syrup was commonly available in everyone’s homes which makes people self puking in case of emergency. But nowadays this trend has been reduced due to the awareness about the disadvantages of self puking as it leads to the damage of the body.

Here are some methods you can try in case of necessity that can make yourself puck.

Use index finger


The use of fingers is the most common method to make yourself puke.

 In this method, you just have to insert your finger in your mouth and reach towards the back of the throat as much possible and press it.

Repeat the process until your body reacts and causes a gag reflex.

This process helps you to feel nausea and to puke. As soon as you insert your finger in, your body expels out the content that is there inside your stomach.

You have to be careful not to scratch the inner part of the mouth or throat while doing this activity. This is the easiest and simplest method of puking which is effective as well.

Expose to self with the unpleasant smell


Even normal people feel like puking when they smell unpleasant smells.

Sometimes just smelling something unpleasant like smelly garbage rotten egg or food can cause you to puke.

This activity stimulates your body to puke. Neurons of the brain make this possible which sends the message of puke after getting the unpleasant smell.

This method works well for those who live normally in the environment with a pleasant smell. Because sometimes people who have a habit of unpleasant smell may not feel nausea with this method.

Watch other people puking


This is another quick way to puke by watching other people puking. This activity can trigger a strong urge to puke as well. you can watch the video in which someone is puking which will increase your urge to puke.

If this is not working properly, at the same time use your index finger to trigger the gag reflex.

You can also watch any other video or unpleasant view that can make you feel vomit or puke.

An unpleasant view makes you feel puke because neurons of the brain are responsible for the cause of nausea that reflects the effect as puke.

Take the solution of warm water and salt


In this remedy, take a glass of warm or hot water and add a teaspoon of salt in it. Consume this solution in a single gulp at the same time for the instant reaction and to speed up the process you can use the index finger method.

As salt contains sodium, after mixing it with warm or hot water it helps to expel the content inside of the stomach. This process takes about 20 to 30 minutes because the reaction inside the stomach takes time to puke out the contents.

This process will activate your gag reflex due to the shift in the natural electrolyte balance of the body which cause-effect of puking or vomiting. So the basic fact is that any substance that can affect or shift the natural electrolyte of the body can cause nausea which leads to the effect of feeling puke.

Take Emetic


If you are not comfortable with the finger method or any home remedy then you can take emetic instead. Emetics causes the contraction in the stomach that triggers your gag reflex.

The most common emetic is ipecac syrup.

One of the important points you must know that you should take emetic only with the guidance of a physician. As it harms the body when the taken dose is high, so carefully read the prescription before consuming it.

As because it can be toxic on high doses, The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended to not store this at home. Always follow the instruction written on the bottle. And if it does not suit you, avoid this method and take suggestions from a physician.

Gargle with egg white

use of egg white

This method is very simple and effective as well. Just separate the egg white and egg yolk from the egg and gargle with the egg white until you feel like puke.

As soon it reaches your throat your gag reflex will effect and get activated. You will instantly expel the content of your stomach naturally.

This particular method is very effective in getting rid of poisonous substances or toxic in your stomach. Because the taste and funky smell of a raw egg is so unpleasant and bad that it causes you to puke automatically.

Use toothbrush

use of brush

Push on the back of your tongue with the toothbrush until you feel like puke.

This idea is especially helpful when the index finger method is not helpful. So you just have to rub the brush back of the tongue and you will be puking immediately.

Toothbrush causes gag reflex that forces you to puke out. The touch of the toothbrush behind the tongue irritates the throat and causes the sensation of nausea. It works the same as that of the figure method.

If this method does not help you at first then wet the brush and repeat the process. But be careful as you might end up damaging your tongue.


If you are looking for the right methods to puke then this article will surely help you. These are an effective and safe way to make yourself puke when it is needed. Please make sure to consult with your doctor before forcing yourself for vomiting. And never try these methods to lose your weight. You can follow weight loss tips or keto diet planes instead of this. Regarding this article, if you have any questions in your mind please comment below down.

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