How Alcohol Good For The Skin To Keep It Healthy And Glowing!

Why alcohol commonly used in skincare products?

Everyone wants to know how alcohol good for skin and how can we use it for glowing skin. Let me explain to you that alcohol contains approximately 9,000 calories (9 kcal) per gram. However, these calories do not contain the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, or minerals necessary to maintain body functions. Not all alcohol is harmful or bad for or health.

Some good wine is also available and that is good for our Skin, like “benzyl alcohol” and “vodka” is the best alcohol for glowing skin. According to Nutrition Experts, alcohol is used to get brighter skin. Various alcohols have different good effects on the skin that enhance the overall texture of the skin.

Alcohol has astringent properties

Alcohol has astringent properties

Alcohol removes water from the surface of the body which causes tightening of the skin and temporary closing of pores on the skin. It is a common ingredient in toners and cleansers.

Alcohol enhances the absorption of active ingredients in skincare formulations. It helps to increase the absorption of active ingredients in creams and lotions, which encourages their use in skincare products.

Alcoholic products make the skin glowing and fair after using it for a long time. It penetrates deeper layers of the skin by increasing the absorption of active components such as retinol and vitamin C.

Use of Astringent in skincare

The astringent added in alcohol is good for the skin because it contains isopropyl (rubbing alcohol). This is used for internal and external remedies. Apply astringents which cause mild coagulation of skin proteins, mild hardening, and protecting the skin.

Doctors recommend astringent alcohol to a person who has acne and oily skin. Mild astringents are capable of reducing minor skin irritations that result from external cuts, Sensitivities. And if a person is suffering from an athlete’s foot such as anal hemorrhoids and fungal infections then alcohol added to the Astringent is good for that patient.

Alcohol is a good preservative

How Alcohol Good For The Skin

Alcohol has good antiseptic properties, which makes it useful for skincare treatment. This anti-microbial property of alcohol acts as a preservative in skincare formulations and prevents microbial contamination of products.

A skincare product that contains 20% or more alcohol is naturally protected due to the high content of alcohol present concerning the overall amount of the product.

Alcohol has quick-drying properties

How Alcohol Good For The Skin

Alcohols are volatile and have a cooling effect when applied to the skin. This is because they evaporate quickly from the surface of the skin. This property makes it a good ingredient for hair and cosmetic products.

The rapid drying property of alcohol makes it an ideal ingredient in hair spraying products so that the hair dries quickly after hairspray is applied.

Why alcohol commonly used in skincare products?

Why alcohol commonly used in skincare products?

Alcohol helps to kill acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin. It cures de-grace quickly, making these products attractive to individuals with an oily complex and gives the skin coolness, freshness, and tight feeling.

One of the most inexpensive ingredients that serve many purposes in skincare products and has many short-term benefits for the skin. It is capable of making a coarse product weightless and creates a deceptively attractive beauty.

Your skin tries to prevent beneficial substances like enzymes, lipids, and antioxidants from entering into the skin. Alcohol supports those ingredients like vitamin C and retinol to penetrate the skin more effectively.

We have seen lots of information about how alcohol is good for the skin and now lets clear about which alcohol is really bad for the skin.

Which alcohol is bad for skincare

Which alcohol is bad for skincare

It is very important to know which alcohol is bad for the skin. Because if you choose the wrong alcohol then you may get in trouble. These are the list of some alcohols which act as a poison for our skin.

When Bad alcohol used in high concentrations in skincare, deteriorates the protective barrier of your skin it means that your skin is not effective in retaining moisture. It also stimulates oil production, which can cause breakouts if your skin makes too much oil.

  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Methanol
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • SD alcohol
  • Benzyl alcohol
  • Ethanol
  • Propanol
  • Denatured alcohol

If you want to get glowing and beautiful skin then avoid all of the above alcohol lists. Some alcohol used for making cream that helps other ingredients to enter your skin, and as a preservative. On the surface all that seems fine, but there is a downside of these alcohols that can cause dryness, burning, and breakouts. So we strongly believe that they do not have a place in skincare.

Types of alcohol & how they are good for skin

types of alcohal

We don’t recommend to drink alcohol because it’s not good for our internal organs but when we talk about skincare then there are some alcoholic drinks available that will make your skin brighter. We know you are excited to know which alcohol is good for the skin so let’s see those lists of alcohol or wine.

Vodka: Vodka has disinfectant properties that help to deep clean our skin. It acts as a natural astringent or toner when applying regularly.  Acne breakout with its detoxifying properties and tightens the skin.

Beer: Beer has some antioxidant properties and lots of vitamins. These vitamins naturally clean your face and maintain the  PH level of your skin. Try it now and make your skin brighter than earlier

Rum: Rum is also popular for its antibacterial properties. If a person affected by pimples and acne disease, they must use Rum on the skin. For getting the better result you can use rum with rose water.  Apply this mixture on your skin.

Gin wine: If you don’t want to be early old age and wrinkled face then you must use gin wine. It contains lots of antioxidants that are used for boosting the regenerating cells in our body. For healthy and charming skin, gin wine is the best alcohol.

Red Wine: Many people out there suffer from fine lines and wrinkles. Human skin gets affected by the sun and pollution which causes free radicals. Red wine contains resveratrol and polyphenols, which protect your skin from free radicals.


We have given you all the necessary information regarding how alcohol is good for the skin. But yet you have to decide which is good according to your skin type. Because every person has different types of body features like some have dry skin and some have oily skin. So if you have dry skin then avoid alcohol that has astringents because it will make your skin more dryer. Instead of alcohol-based astringents, you need to choose hydrating toner or oil-free moisturizer.


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