Face Exercises For Slim Face That Are Really Effective

Face exercises for double chi

Face exercises for the slim face are a natural way to get glowing skin. The first noticeable signs and symptoms of growing older are normally wrinkles and pores on the face. Your pores, skin elasticity and the design of your face depend on how properly your facial muscles are toned. These muscle tissues want workout just as a great deal as the rest of your body.

Bright Side shares with you the only facial physical activities that, consistent with doctors, help to preserve your face toned and youthful. If you are searching for a physical solution to sagging skin, you’ll be familiar with facial exercises.

Today we have some best face exercises which help you to slim your face easily and very fastly within two to three weeks. So let it begin.

List of Face Exercises to Slim Face Very Fastly

  • Jaw Movement Exercise
  • Tongue Movement Exercise
  • Cheek Lifts Exercise
  • Fishy Face Exercise
  • Puffy Face Exercise
  • Smile Exercise
  • Neck Roll Exercise
  • Lip Pull Exercise
  • Eye Focus Exercise
  • Blowing Air Exercise

Jaw Movement exercise

Face exercises for double chi

Make your lower jaw drop down as a lot as possible while sitting straight. The subsequent step is to jut out the decrease jaw, to construct tightness inside the cheeks near the ear area. Feel the tightness for about ten seconds earlier than enjoyable the jaw, and bringing it inwards. Repeat this workout ten to fourteen times.

Tongue Movement Exercise

Face exercises for double chi

Tongue movement exercise proves very helpful to slim your face very fastly and this is a very easy exercise. In this exercise, you have to stick the tongue out and stretch it as if you are seeking to touch the chin. Hold this pose for ten seconds, and feel the tightness in your muscles.

Repeat this fifteen times. We are sure that this exercise makes your face very glamorous.

Cheek Lifts Exercise

Face exercises for double chi

You need to do this cheek lift exercises in case you want to work on the top muscular tissues of your cheeks. It will supply your face with a cleaner look as well. Firstly, you have to pull the cheeks upwards towards the eyes without making any change inside the function of your lips. The second step to do is to push the cheeks up from underneath while raising the corners of the lips.

Fishy Face Exercise

Face exercises for double chi

To work on all of the areas of the cheek cumulatively, making the fishy face is the first-rate choice for you. All you want to do is purse your lips even as sucking on your cheeks to resemble the fish face. In this portion, try to push the outside corners of your lips up right into a smile. Hold this position for ten seconds and loosen up for an even as. This exercise is beneficial for the jaw as well as cheeks.

Puffy Face Exercise

Face exercises for double chi

Give the muscular tissues of the top and center part of your cheeks a good exercise via acting this exercise. Draw your cheeks with air with your closed lips. Alternately pass this air from one cheek to the other at the same time as retaining the air in every cheek for 5 seconds.

Smile Exercise

Face exercises for double chi

Smile is also proved the best exercise for everyone. You have to do only one work that smiles widely with your closed mouth. But you have to remember that during this process your lips are not apart from your lips. Continue this exercise for ten seconds it helps to make a face thin and beautiful?

Neck Roll Exercise

Face exercises for double chi

Sit Comfortably and keep your head straight. Now bend your head to the one side and start moving your head in a circular motion in all four directions. While doing this exercise keep your shoulder down and making sure that shoulders are not moving. The benefit of this exercise is that you can rid very easily of a double chin. It also tightens the skin of the neck and helps to reduce wrinkles.

Lip Pull Exercise

Face exercise helps to eliminate double chin

Lip Pull tones your facial muscles and gives you high cheekbones and an outstanding jawline. It makes you look younger. To do this exercise you have to sit and stand comfortably at a place. Lift your lower lip at the lower side as much as you can do. Repeat this posture again and again approximately ten times.

Eye Focus Exercise

Face exercise helps to eliminate double chin

This exercise helps to make your eyes very smooth. To do this exercise you have to open your eyes widely as much as possible you can do and focus at one point. You have to do this exercise ten times after relax. This exercise also helps to enhance the eyesight level.

Blowing Air Exercise

Face exercise helps to eliminate double chin

This exercising works at the facial and neck muscles. It facilitates to reduce double chin pores and skin from the face and gives a natural appearance to the face. Keep your backbone erect and tilt your head backward. ascertain that your eyes are directed towards the ceiling and you can see it. Now you have to Pull out your lips and blow air.  Keep doing this for 10 seconds and then relax.

Benefits of face exercise

  • Face exercise helps to eliminate double chin from the face.
  • It reduces aging and wrinkles from the face.
  • Face exercise helps to increase blood circulation
  • It helps to feel stressfree from any kind of tension.


Here we show you top best face exercises to slim your face within two to three weeks. If you follow these exercises on your daily bases then we promise that you can slim your face. Face exercises also help to remove other face related problems like wrinkles, double chin from the face, aging and many other problems.

If you have any problem while doing these exercises or any other query then you can contact us or you can also leave a message downwards.

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