Keto Diet Plan: Best Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Best Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Obesity in India increasing rapidly in the 21st century. Lots of Indian people are finding a solution to lose weight. So today we decided to give a trading and very effective solution in the form of the best Indian keto diet plan for weight loss.

A keto diet plan is very beneficial for our body. It helps to lose weight without doing fast and skip meals. However, if you are not overweight, then a keto diet protects you from lots of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease.

Nutrition ratio Keto Diet

A Keto diet is mostly used and trending weight loss diet and it also knows as the ketogenic diet. A keto diet contains  10% of carb, 20% protein, and 70% fat, therefore, some say it Low carb diet or low carb high-fat diet.

Best Indian Keto Diet Plan for Beginners (For Four Weeks)

This best Indians keto diet plan is for vegetarians as well as not vegetarians persons. If you vegetarians person then you can choose a vegan diet from the list, and if you are a non-vegetarian person than you can choose a non-veg diet from the given list.

There are we listed more than one diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can choose any one of them that you like or affordable.

1. First Week2. Second Week3. Third Week4. Fourth Week

First Week

Only one main thing is kept in mind in the ketogenic diet are, you need to add those foods in your meal that contains low carbs and rich in fat.


  • Cheesy scrambled egg (Fried in olive oi with capsicum)
  • Cheesy egg omelet (cooked in butter )
  • Cheese pakora (deep-fried in coconut oil


  • Cauliflower curry and coconut oil
  • Salad made by spinach, capsicum, mushrooms, fried in olive oil and butter with cheese.
  • Palak soup with stir-fried mushrooms and broccoli
  • Cheese with Solkadhi and baked beans


  • Paneer Bhurji
  • Cabbage Thoran with coconut
  • Cooked spinach with cheese and cream
  • Fried Paneer pakora
  • Lemon chicken stew
  • Stir-fried mutton

Second Week

In the second week, you need to use cream, butter, and coconut oil. Mix it with your coffee, tea and with your meals also, I know it is difficult, but if you want to lose your weight then you will do it.


  • Coffee or tea with cream, coconut oil, cream, and butter mix


  • Salad made by spinach, capsicum, mushrooms, fried in olive oil and butter with cheese.
  • Fried paneer pakora
  • Fried Ladyfinger with peanuts
  • Soya nugget curry
  • Channa salad
  • Lemon chicken


  • Baigan ka Bharta
  • Cheese Pakora
  • Creamy Mushroom
  • Fried  french beans with cheese
  • Cauliflower cooked in coconut oil
  • Chicken stew

Third Week

Form the third week you need to start Intermittent fasting. This is a technique for weight loss. In the intermittent fasting, you skip breakfast and take only two meals in a day.


  • Coffee mixed with butte


  • Do Fasting, take a sip of water after some interval of times, and green tea without sugar and you can also take lemon water with pepper mixture.


  • Sarso Ka Saag
  • Chilly Paneer
  • Egg omelet with lots of cheese
  • Take some soak in water almonds for this week
  • Chicken with spinach and cheese
  • Chicken stir-fried in olive oil

Fourth Week

In the last week of keto cycling, you need to take, the only dinner. And on the whole day, you can take lemon water, tea, and coffee also intake lots of water. I know it so hard but if you want to lose you wait then you need to do it.


  • Lemon tea or Peach tea
  • Black tea or Black coffee


  • Drink lots of water
  • Green tea
  • Lemon water with pepper


  • Palak Paneer
  • Fried paneer with spinach
  • Pancakes made with almond flour
  • Fried Green beans with coconut oil and peanut
  • Spinach cooked in cream, milk, and cheese
  • Stir-fried veggies with cream
  • Salmon with butter
  • Shezuan chicken
  • Chicken stew
  • Lemon chicken
  • Thai chicken
1. First Week2. Second Week3. Third Week4. Fourth Week

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Keto Diet Plan

As you know everything has some advantages and disadvantages. As same, the keto diet also has some advantages and disadvantages. So, let us discuss a few advantages and disadvantages of a keto diet.

Advantages of the Ketogenic Diet Plan

  • Easy to weight loss: Your all body fat is converted into energy and your weight is losing, therefore you motivated to keep yourself in shape.
  • Cholesterol level controlled: It is proved that the ketogenic diet increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in your body. Due to keto diet fat is used as an energy and it is not deposited in the bloodstream. This will help decreases the level of bad cholesterol levels in the body. It will reduce the risk related to heart like heart stroke.
  • Suger level controlled: In a keto diet you don’t take sugar and take low sugar products which are more healthy and this will helps you to make your sugar level in control.
  • Energetic feeling: Fat molecules are stored a lot of energy. So, when your fast starts burning then you feel energetic whole the day.
  • Epilepsy treatment: Some researches say that the keto diet helps to treat brain-related diseases like epilepsy in children is one of them.

Disadvantages of the Ketogenic Diet Plan

  • Muscle loss: You can also lose your muscle in the process of ketosis. If you want to protect them, So you need to do some exercise to build muscle.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: You don’t take carbs containing foods at the time when you follow a keto diet food, therefore your body has suffered from those minerals and vitamins that contain in carbs related foods.
  • Stress in kidneys: Normally, our body takes energy from carbs and at the time of keto diet, we take fewer carbs so the body starts burning fat. And in the process of burning fat, our body suffers and puts lots of stress on kidneys.


Keto diet is very helpful in losing weight, and it is also a very fast process for losing weight. Persons who’ve tried this diet saw differences in her/his body within 10 days. So, it is also the most trending and popular keto diet plan for free.

As you see it is very difficult to take a high-fat diet plan. So I recommend you to follow these diet plans after consulting a nutrition expert.

In the end, if you have any queries about the keto diet plans. Please leave a comment us and we will happy to help you as soon as possible:-

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